Who We Are

NEXSTGEN® is a specialized nail acrylic brand of St. George Technology, which has been in operation since 1993. We have a deep passion for producing world-class nail acrylics. Today, we’re an industry leader in the development, design, and production of custom made polymers for cosmetic nails, dental, medical, casting, and industrial applications. Our vast technical knowledge, collaboration, creative inventiveness, and customer service excellence means we move quickly on new ideas. We are constantly focused on future innovation and market leadership.

What We Do

Our next generation nail acrylic chemistry is specially formulated with EMA polymers and all products are Cruelty Free, HEMA Free, and 9-Free. Our factories maintain ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 Certifications, which tightly control our manufacturing process and products. Our formulation provides enhanced strength, flexibility and resistance to chipping or cracking. With greater flexibility comes longer wearability, and even easier removal. Our NEXSTGEN® systems provide high clarity and excellent flow through a very controlled and narrow range of superfine polymer beads.

Experts In Cosmetic Nail Acrylic Manufacturing and Distribution with a Proven Record of Reliable Supply

Our expertise is creating cosmetic and biotech materials to demanding specifications, and manufacturing these to a consistently high-quality batch after batch in our FDA compliant factories. We produce and supply biopolymers to some of the world’s leading cosmetics and biomaterials companies, who in turn use our polymers for a wide range of materials.


World’s Largest Capacity for Nail Acrylics

For nail acrylic manufacturers and distributors looking for a reliable supply chain, our three manufacturing facilities have the world’s largest capacity for cosmetic nail powders. We recognize the importance of our products in our customers’ supply chain. We maintain capacity and stock safeguards to provide supply chain security.


Minimum Order Quantities

We require a minimum order size of 25 lbs for each of our standard powders and will typically ship within 2 weeks of your order. The minimum order size for a custom product is dependent on the degree of customization required.


Safety is Paramount

Our polymers have been confirmed by the FDA to stay inert to the immune system while maintaining performance. All of our lines are formulated to the same exacting standards as the medical grade products that are produced.